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A woman bathing in a hot spring

Hot Springs Soothe Your Mind

11 May 2021

Find out how bathing in a hot spring improves your wellness, helps you relax and soothes your mind.
A woman walking on a forest path in Autumn

How Forest Bathing Boosts Your Mental Health

23 April 2021

Forest Bathing is all the rage. Explore how getting out into nature improves your mental health and general well-being.
An hour glass in front of the setting sun

Worry Time - Banish Your Worry

02 March 2021

Dramatically reduce your worry in just five to ten minutes each day. Explore how Worry Time can work for you.
A how to stop worrying sign

Worrying - How to Stop

17 February 2021

Do you want to find out how to stop worrying? Check out three quick and easy ways to worry less without spending a penny.
A woman relaxing in an office

Strategies for Dealing With Stress

30 January 2021

Learn how to select a quick and easy strategy for dealing with your stress, that costs you nothing and helps sidestep anxiety.