Strategies for Dealing With Stress

30 January 2021
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Do you know what is causing your stress?

Selecting the best strategies for dealing with stress is easier when you understand the triggers (or stressors) for your stress response.

The chances are that, if you’re stressed, you’re also worrying, and the combination of these left unchecked can quickly develop into full-blown anxiety.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, your body will experience the physiology of stress when responding to your worries – which is terrible for your general wellbeing.

Relax and enjoy your life

Not all stress is harmful; neither are all stressors that trigger your stress.

A certain amount of stress in your life is unavoidable. The challenge can come if you’re overwhelmed by stress and worry, to the point where you become anxious.

Managing your worry is a vital part of warding off anxiety, and the extra stress that results from being anxious.

Do you want to relax and enjoy your life, with your stress kept in check?

Keeping a lid on your worry is a great way to sidestep anxiety and keep your stress at a manageable level.

Don’t get stressed about dealing with stress

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of plans, books, apps, programmes, videos and web pages packed with strategies for dealing with stress.

The problem is that, while they’re useful, many of the suggested strategies are complicated, cost money or require a significant investment of time.

So – you end up getting stressed about the complexity, cost or time required to deal with your stress!

Minimising your worry, as part of your overall stress management strategy, is quick, easy and costs you nothing.

Using a Worry Diary is an effective way of keeping your worry in check, and avoiding any extra stress from anxiety.

How can a Worry Diary help?

By keeping your worry at manageable levels, you’re minimising additional stress from anxiety and better equipping yourself to cope with the challenges of your day-to-day life.

When using a Worry Diary, you take a few minutes each day to record your worries, encouraging a conscious and subconscious process of calm, rational thinking that helps you handle the problems and situations driving your worry.

All you need to start a Worry Diary is a pen and a piece of paper (or a suitable digital alternative). There’s no cost or significant commitments involved either.

Are you ready to conquer stress and worry today?

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